Monday, 11 May 2015

MMMay Week 2

Hello there :-)
After another successful week of my first MMMay I have compiled another round-up post! The week got off to a very hectic busy start and has stayed that way all week! Wednesday was the only day I really had time for any sewing and even then I didn't get much done :-(. So looking back on this week:

Day 4: We started off down in Appleby in Westmorland(ish) after staying with our friends at their new place. It was great to get out of the city!  We have been looking for a new place of our own and being in the middle of nowhere certainly emphasised the fact that the outskirts would be a win for us!

I didn't actually get a picture of today's attire however I wore my Minoru and singin in the rain emery. We were only really sitting in the car all day and then took a trip round the supermarket so we didn't do too much but all the driving was tiring. Thankfully there wasn't much traffic and the M74 was relatively quiet so we made good time.

Day 5:
This is the first day in May that my trusty Minoru has has a rest!! The weather was so grim today that I had to get my waterproof out.  I also re-wore my singin in the rain emery dress
Singin' in the rain emery
I had plans to meet with a friend for dinner so we went to wetherspoons for steak night! YUM! I also got a touch of sewing done when I got home: this leads nicely on to

Day 6:
I finished my second NL 6020 last night and hope to get some pictures after work today - so for now I have to make do with this effort taken in the office changing rooms

New Look 6020 (2)

This is the second iteration of the dress I hope to make up for my cousin's wedding - I think some of the changes have worked - others need more definition.(full post coming hopefully at the weekend)

 Day 7: Election Day
We got up early to vote today as we were going out in the evening. I thought better than to display my colours too vividly and then failed too far in the other direction
I finished off day 7's look with my thurlow wearable muslin. They seem to have shrunk a bit in the wash which seems to have made them fit a touch better too.

Day 8:

I had plans to go out on Friday evening for dinner (we went to an awesome mexican tapas Topolabamba) so preplanned with nothing too tight around the middle!

I wore my trusty OWOP shorts V.1 my Minoru and Julia Cardigan.
Day 9:
Haircut day!

We then went to a local pub with a beer garded to enjoy the sun.
Day 10:
I didn't actually leave the house yesterday - by the time I decided that I needed to go to the shops it was super windy and I decided that we could probably make do until Tuesday. Yesterday's outfit consisted of my second coco dress which provided a comfy lounging attire.

I have been enjoying keeping up with everyones MMMay too - especially on IG.

Good luck for the next wek guys!



  1. Great round up Jenn - I do LOVE your New Look dress. Also, I also love curry night at Spoons - do you also have them on Thursdays? Have fun with the rest of MMM!

    1. Thanks! I love the print and it has washed pretty well too. I'm not sure which night curry night is here (prob the same) however I do enjoy them -I love spoons club nights :-D Hope you're enjoying MMMay too :-D


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