Sunday, 3 May 2015

MMMay Week 1

I know this first week is only a short one but I thought I would still put together a roundup post.

So MMMay15 got off to a relatively good start - I finished up my NL1467 top on the Tuesday night and it was good to go for the Friday Morning. Hopefully get this blogged within a week - it's taking me so long to get decent pictures right now as we just moved into a new building for work - it's not finished and i'm pretty damn allergic to it :-( My eye is a state and i'm not for putting that level of awful picture up on the internet!!

so Day 1:
Minoru Jacket and New Look 1467

Day 2:
I didn't manage to get a proper picture yesterday of my day attire, We went out in the evening and I wore my minoru (and another new finish and to be blogged as soon as I get me some pics!) however I did get one of my pyjama get up - not classy by any means but hey - I found a use for a dress which went wrong due to my fabric choice!
Coco dress and RTW jammy bottoms

Day 3
Today is absolutely baltic!! like proper freezing and horrifically rainy :-( Today I am wearing my second attempt at a coco and my julia cardy.
Coco Dress and Julia Cardigan

I realise my dress is rather creased - but for a day of car journeys to engerland and back IDGAF haha - the only person to seem my creased ensemble will be me and the other half  - and as he stayed up all night for the boxing I'm really not sure he can tell!!

Hope everyone else who is participating in me made may is managing to meet their own challenges!

Enjoy the bank holiday all

Jenn xx


  1. Lovely! That Julia cardigan looks perfect with the Coco.

    1. Thanks! It was one of those thrown together outfits that actually worked! I was quite impressed!

  2. its been lovely seeing your MMM's on IG - looking foward to the minoru:) happy May x


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