About me

Hi :-) I'm Jennifer and I'm a 20 - something Research assistant looking at data analysis on future Demand Side Management of electrical networks. I'm also finishing up my PhD in future aircraft electrical systems. Yeah. Planes and stuff. It involves a lot of maths and programming but it keeps my brain active! I live in a smallish tenement in the east end of Glasgow -  I also happen to have a sewing hobby with outgoings equating to more than is sensible... Any time I see some nice fabric or an awesome pattern - it kind of has to be mine.

I have always known how to sew but its only been in the last year that I have really started to sew for a hobby. I'm kinda into alot of stuff really, I like dressmaking and quilting mainly however I do also enjoy the odd bit of cross stitch but I'm pretty game to give anything a try. I kind of think of sewing as engineering with fabric...

My space dedicated to sewing (I gather this is the same for many people) is the corner of the living room in my big bay window and is subject to getting shifted for dinner guests and drinking buddies! I have the tiniest Ikea table which has to house a sewing machine and an overlocker and space to copy out patterns.

This is my first big project that I have atempted since school...

I saw the kit and instantly thought of my mum. She was going through a tough time and I thought that I would make her something to look at and smile. This took absolutely YONKS but I love it and was rather proud of my efforts :-) after that I had the bug!

Most of my other projects are located in the 'My Completed Items' page, this provides a systematic and methodical timeline of my projects (except for the first few that no one wants to see ha!)

So if you want to contact me feel free my email address and other contacty stuff can be found in the contact section :-)


  1. Hi Jennifer! What a nice Sewing Space! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it gave me the opportunity to find yours! An actual rocket scientist and sewist ... how awesome!!!!

  2. Hi! Thanks for your lovely comment :-) I enjoyed reading about your pattern drafting and hope to see how it evolves :-)


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