Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Vogue Pattern Shopping

Since moving house last month my sewjo has taken a serious dent! It's not that I have fallen out of love with sewing it's just all those things that come with a new place - you know the shower going on fire and the bath leaking through the downstairs wall nothing major...!

I have now dusted off the sewing machine though and decided that it was time that I treated myself in the vogue sale.

My first purchase was this vogue coat which I wearable muslined alst spring:

The problem was though, I cut the pattern pieces out and want to make view B which is longer than the view A I made before. oops! You live to learn though so I was ok with parting with the sale price. My very favourite ever RTW coat - a red wool version from Next looks almost identical to view B and after 5 winters I doubt that it will last another. Now to find the perfect red wool!

My second purchase was this awesome DKNY dress from the new autumn collection:

I get the feeling that this could be either epic or an epic fail :-( haha. Either way I'm going to attempt this for my christmas dress this year and also in this colourway.

I found the RTW dress online
Image credit
and if it works - well lets say I wouldn't mind a $600 dress! (or the £30 equivalent!!)

So these are my autumn sewing plans I have a few more lined up too but these are the two which I am hoping turn out epic!

Hope everyone is doing great!

Jennifer xx


  1. Some great choices! My friend made V8346 in view D and it looked lovely! Looking forward to seeing your finished makes.

    1. Thanks - I really hope the two turn out well especially the coat. Just need the perfect wool fabric now!

  2. Oh my! Shower on fire and bath leaking!!??! That would send me into a panic.

    I like the coat pattern. And bring on the plaid. I can definitely see you in that dress!

    1. Yeah I was none too impressed! I'm not really sure that i want another electric shower after that! haha. i'm really hopefull that the dress turns out well - the pattern pieces seem really weird so it will be fun and games with pattern placement!


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