Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sewaholic Granville Sleeveless number 3!

Hello :-)

How you all doing folks? We went geocaching this week and it was really quite cool! We found our first ever geocache up in a deserted and demolished mental health hospital that Johns dad worked in in the early 80's. It unfortunately was a victim to New Labour's Cuts in the mid 2000's and all that remains now is the road through the site and some layby's which served as bus stops and taxi stops. It's a shame that we never got to visit the derelict building as I'm really quite fascinated by that kind of history. Also Geocaching is a GPS game a bit like modern day orienteering but with the aid of either a GPS device or google maps. There is also a free map which you can use to locate all the points.

According to the maps there is another one on our way home stuck to a sign somewhere near the vet school so i'm gonna stop by and lurk in the housing scheme!

Anywas to sewing! I thought that I would quickly show a few pics of my 3rd sleeveless Granville shirt  I think I pretty much have the fit down now as well.

This was a small length of liberty fabric which I picked up in the summer sale. I'm not sure of the fibre that this is made from - I was sure there was a silk content however I cant find the fabric anywhere and I'm not really that bothered. I had a hell of a job trying to get the pins to pierce teh fabric and where I had to rip stitches there are little puncture marks so that sucks a bit. I only bought 1.2 m of this because even in the sale this was like £10/m and I wanted to maximise the number of fabrics I bought. Maybe the next time I'll go for quality...

I did mention I thought that I had the fit down - well this was a few weeks ago and I have lost a few lbs since this pic was taken and I am assured by my trusty photographer that they are no longer in existance! Moving house is hungry business!

I did a facebook  survey on the monthly stitch page and was advised that in order to loose the length that I did not need in the length of the back that I should pull the upper back up a little towards the yoke. I definitely think this adjustment worked and will be altering my paper pattern accordingly!

So hope you guys like it I certainly do! I'm still kind of in denial about autumn though - although I have looked out a slightly heavier outer layer than the hoodie that I lived in all summer :-)

Till next time
Jenn xx


  1. Beautiful, sew pretty !

  2. thanks kathe :-) I really enjoyed making this too :-)

  3. That's a very pretty blouse. Love the fabric. I thought Liberty is 100% cotton but feels like a silky mix to me. Dunno?!?!?! That print will look lovely throughout autumn, layered up x

    1. Thanks - yes I was under the impression that liberty was only 100 % cotton too.I do really love the autumnal colour of this although feel I should maybe have added sleeves!

  4. Geocaching sounds like fun. On to sewing....A wonderful blouse! You will be able to wear this is the fall with a cardigan (you should make one! wink, wink!!).

    1. Yeh it really is! Often people leave small gifts in the caches so when we found this one I left some craft cotton to try spread the sewing bug!! lets see how that works out...! I have also been thinking about making a cardi however still on the lookout for the perfect pattern :-(. I want to remake the Deer and doe ondee however where that patern is rmains a mystery!


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