Monday, 8 December 2014

Completed: Minoru Jacket

Hey Hey Hey y'all

I totally think I have a new favorite Me Made :-D

I've finally finished my Minoru coat :-D and just in the nick of time it would seem!!

The fabric I used for this jacket was a deep blue cotton drill from Mandors - it was quite cheap at about £6.99 /m and for the lining I used the silver version of the red paisley used here. This was slightly cheaper at about £5.99 /m.Based upon the instructions I bought about 3 m of each however next time I'll scrimp and buy less as I had enough leftovers to easily fit in my Delphine skirt. The zips for the jacket did work out a little more expensive than I would like however to be totally honest  itison had a promotion for mandors so I ended up with £20 off the total for the jacket :-D
We went across the road to take these photos - theresa huge park next to the motorway with a number of interesting features including this fountain

I didn't want to make a muslin for this because after the delay with the skirt project, I wanted my coat NOW!!! So using what was probably a bit of a foolhardy method of sizing I based the size to cut on the Robson Trench I made for my mum a while back. The majority of that was made up in a size 8 and as it was a little too tight I went for the size 10 and it fits (mostly) perfectly!
There is a litle excess fabric sitting just abouve the waistband

One thing that i have definately noticed this year and especially recently since I have paid more attention to fit, is that I seem to have a short back length (enquiries would pin the blame on the paternal side of my family!). This wasn't an adjustment I made for this coat and after wearing it a bit is definately one that ill be making in the future - not a huge adjustment maybe only a 1/2 an inch but enough for the waist to sit right.

I have to admit that i was a bit daunted about inserting the elastic into the waistband here but I shouldn't have worried. the instructions were really clear and the sewalong was there to reassure that all steps were followed correctly!  
This pic is totally an out take - I wasnt so aware that this was being taken!!

In terms of changes to the pattern, I added a lining to the hood and that's the extent of deviation. I remember seeing a post somewhere about adding a hood however didn't realise there was instructions in the sewalong until too late... the result was I folded the hood over like the instructions and just slipped the lining in underneath. Another change ill make the next time is shrinking the hood a little - pictorial evidence below!

One other change which I will make up the next time  is that ill add side seam pockets. i keep going to dip my hands in there and there's nothing :-( haha. I'll probibly just use the robson pockets as they work quite well for a jacket.

So all in all a great jacket that has received a number of compliments and even disbelief from some that I would venture into making a jacket. I really love this jacket and definately think it shows me how much I have improved over this time last year.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone has had a great weekend. I went to my gran's advent fair on saturday and ate my bodyweight in scrummy cake! Did anyone else do anything fun?

Take care
JCS xx


  1. Hi, best wishes from germany. I love your jacket ! It ist wonderful !
    Have a nice day !

  2. I love the Minoru!!! I must admit I am a little intimidated by it. Looks amazing on you - you did such a wonderful job!!!

    1. Thanks :-)Don't be intimidated - i wouldn't say it is easy but it looks much more complicated than it really is.

  3. Brilliant jacket - the lining finishes it off perfectly. Where exactly is the park - lovely setting for your photoshoot.

    1. Thank you. The park that I was in is just outside Glasgow city centre next to the m8 motorway. Its really quiet so you wouldn't know!

  4. Wow, very impressive! And I love the colour. I'm definitely intrigued by the idea of making a coat but still a little too intimidated. Oh and pockets are a must! Great post. :)

    1. Cheers :-) I would definitely recommend taking the plunge and making a coat its so rewarding - I loved the fact that this one had a really comprehensive sewalong too - just in case :-)

  5. Lovely result, I keep meaning to make a coat but get tempted away by too many dresses. You've inspired me.

    1. The feeling of accomplishment of making a jacket is excellent! I definately do recommend it!


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