Monday, 28 September 2015

A Shiny New Completed Garment! - Gather Kits Mortmain

Finally a completed garment that's not a Granville shirt! This month has been busy busy busy and i'm not quite sure where it went to be honest the last few days weeks I think I must have been in some kind of time warp!

We were invited to the wedding of our friends down in Dumfries on Saturday and of course that needed a new dress! I wanted a pattern that I had made before so that I wasn't going into this task completely blind and also wanted a dress that could be worn after the wedding for general wearing so knew that I didn't want something too fancy or too dull.

Thankfully my rearranging of the house has unearthed most of my patterns and the mortmain dress was fairly near the top - perfect! Then quite out of the blue, Amanda at the sewcial studio contacted me to see if there was some fabric that I would like from her range at her studios new premises.

The fabric which I chose was a beautiful red printed Josephine Kimberling cotton which is rather heavier than expected however as the weather sudenly turned cold today that is no bad thing! The fabric almost feels like a flannel, but not quite. The fabric is still available on her site here.

The sewcial studio is based in Tamworth in Staffordshire, England. I don't profess to be an expert in English geography however (there seem to be a number of geocaches around and) it is really near the M6 and a number of rail stations so really easy to get to their workshops if you so wish. They are currently running a number of lampshade and finding your way about your sewing machine and overlocker workshops. I* also have it on good authority that mid november they are holding advent calendar workshops :-)

So to the dress. I performed my now standard FBA and found that the fit was almost spot on. Two small problems were that the darts are TOO DAMN LONG. I should have realised when I was sewing them up that they would be having a pointy party right up there on my chest but oh well. The other issue I had was the fact that I forgot to account for that sway back adjustment that I always make. Theres not a huge amount of extra length but enough to make it noticeable. The skirt again was winged - 24 pleats were made each about 3.5 cm in width. some were slightly more some were slightly less and by slightly I mean like a mm! I used the full width of the fabric for the skirt and cut to around 60 cm this length is a touch too long but ill not make the mistake of omitting seam and he allowances again. the finished skirt length ended just where I wanted it to.

So all in all a really nice dress IMO and Thanks so much Amanda for letting me try your fabric :-). Also the grand operning of the new store was yesterday adn it seemed like a great time was had by all!

Take Care all

Jen xx

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sewaholic Granville Sleeveless number 3!

Hello :-)

How you all doing folks? We went geocaching this week and it was really quite cool! We found our first ever geocache up in a deserted and demolished mental health hospital that Johns dad worked in in the early 80's. It unfortunately was a victim to New Labour's Cuts in the mid 2000's and all that remains now is the road through the site and some layby's which served as bus stops and taxi stops. It's a shame that we never got to visit the derelict building as I'm really quite fascinated by that kind of history. Also Geocaching is a GPS game a bit like modern day orienteering but with the aid of either a GPS device or google maps. There is also a free map which you can use to locate all the points.

According to the maps there is another one on our way home stuck to a sign somewhere near the vet school so i'm gonna stop by and lurk in the housing scheme!

Anywas to sewing! I thought that I would quickly show a few pics of my 3rd sleeveless Granville shirt  I think I pretty much have the fit down now as well.

This was a small length of liberty fabric which I picked up in the summer sale. I'm not sure of the fibre that this is made from - I was sure there was a silk content however I cant find the fabric anywhere and I'm not really that bothered. I had a hell of a job trying to get the pins to pierce teh fabric and where I had to rip stitches there are little puncture marks so that sucks a bit. I only bought 1.2 m of this because even in the sale this was like £10/m and I wanted to maximise the number of fabrics I bought. Maybe the next time I'll go for quality...

I did mention I thought that I had the fit down - well this was a few weeks ago and I have lost a few lbs since this pic was taken and I am assured by my trusty photographer that they are no longer in existance! Moving house is hungry business!

I did a facebook  survey on the monthly stitch page and was advised that in order to loose the length that I did not need in the length of the back that I should pull the upper back up a little towards the yoke. I definitely think this adjustment worked and will be altering my paper pattern accordingly!

So hope you guys like it I certainly do! I'm still kind of in denial about autumn though - although I have looked out a slightly heavier outer layer than the hoodie that I lived in all summer :-)

Till next time
Jenn xx

Monday, 14 September 2015

Completed: Simple Sew wiggle skirt

Hola! I hope you are all well? I'm fairing rather better than the other week - no minor house fires to report thankfully!! We did however rip out a rather awful looking wardrobe today revealing a right mess of the wall behind and it looks like we need to get a wallpaper steamer in. It looks like it was last painted around the time the house was built in 1965...  That however is a task that I can handle!

I thought that we could get the dying light - turns out it was a bit to dusky to get good photos :-(

Today i would like to share a project which is not a wearable (or otherwise) muslin or a shirt... Haha. This is a project which I have been planning for a while however never had an exact pattern in mind for. I had bought some fabric (100 % italian cotton, very lightweight around £6/m) a few weeks back just before I finished up at work with a pencil skirt in mind for my new job starting at the end of the month - I even bought a 9" invisible zip to accompany the fabric - all I needed was the pattern. Then last week NavyBlueThreads announced that she had a few patterns that she was giving away and all the pieces fell into place. One of the patterns that was on offer for those who would use it was this pencil skirt pattern!
Less than flattering gardening shot

The pattern in question is the Simple Sew Wiggle Skirt which originally came with Love Sewing Issue 10. There is a tie back pencil skirt and a regular option. I went with the pencil skirt option. I really like the finished skirt however I have to say that the instructions were lacking a bit... There is a size chart on the back of the pattern which gives measurements however it doesn't state if they are body or garment !measurements - cue hungover pen and paper calcs aided by the trusty tape measure. Even looking at my mismatch of units makes me cringe! So I determined that the supplied measurements were for the finished garment. Which was cool. I wonder if this was maybe explained in the magazine that the pattern originally came with?

My other gripe was with the instructions for the vent at the back. They just kind of left you hanging on that one so I did a bit of hoping for the best. The instructions called for you to "press open and topstitch" what I actually did was to press open then fold the extension back on itself then topstitch along the two long edges. This doesn't seem right but at the same time I couldn't fatholm what else to do?

So moaning over the instructions aside I think this is quite a good wee pattern when made up! Next time I hope to make this out of a nice heavy wool for a cozy weekend skirt or a smart office number and to have a look about for better instructions for the vent. But the sizing was pretty true to the printed measurements and I think it works really well. Actually for the first time in a long while I cut into the pattern pieces however only because I spent so long measuring up I knew it wouldn't be too small!

So thanks very much for the pattern Teresa it will definitely be used again! Now to find a top pattern to go with it!

Happy sewing all :-)

Jenn xx

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Vogue Pattern Shopping

Since moving house last month my sewjo has taken a serious dent! It's not that I have fallen out of love with sewing it's just all those things that come with a new place - you know the shower going on fire and the bath leaking through the downstairs wall nothing major...!

I have now dusted off the sewing machine though and decided that it was time that I treated myself in the vogue sale.

My first purchase was this vogue coat which I wearable muslined alst spring:

The problem was though, I cut the pattern pieces out and want to make view B which is longer than the view A I made before. oops! You live to learn though so I was ok with parting with the sale price. My very favourite ever RTW coat - a red wool version from Next looks almost identical to view B and after 5 winters I doubt that it will last another. Now to find the perfect red wool!

My second purchase was this awesome DKNY dress from the new autumn collection:

I get the feeling that this could be either epic or an epic fail :-( haha. Either way I'm going to attempt this for my christmas dress this year and also in this colourway.

I found the RTW dress online
Image credit
and if it works - well lets say I wouldn't mind a $600 dress! (or the £30 equivalent!!)

So these are my autumn sewing plans I have a few more lined up too but these are the two which I am hoping turn out epic!

Hope everyone is doing great!

Jennifer xx

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