Thursday, 3 April 2014

FINISHED New Look 6144

Finally! After what seems like an eternity I have finally finished New Look 6144.
After a long and traumatic few weeks we finally got there!

 The dress is made from 45 " cotton poplin and instead of keeping the colours the same I decided to do some colour blocking with another cotton poplin.
The materials were really easy to work with but it would appear that my head was up my ass for the the first two weeks of the construction.

I decided to do view C - i'm not a huge fan of sleeves but i liked the 3/4 length so decided to mix things up a bit :-P.
After trying the dress on I had to cut about 4" off the bottom of the dress coz it must have been designed for a human giraffe. like serously. Although to be fair looking at the pictures im glad i didn't cut any more off the bottom....

I also reeeely should have measured my back length and waist length too. the waist length could do with having an inch removed. Its soo runkled. There was also meant to be a vent in teh back at the bottom - that got cut off but yeh the main issue is the waist of giraffe like proportions. :-\. Its also looking a little tight around the back however thats the result of a hen do last weekend, ahem...

So I thought on Tuesday the dress would be finished however who knows what I was thinking with the facings on the neck line and sewed them on wrong sides together. No matter 1/2 an hour with the stitch ripper and all is good. Double pointed dartmaintained and no further disasters!! *cue selfie*

Also side view

Bottom hem is even. I got some bad ass french seams going on inside.
I don't think ill be making this again in a hurry but to be fair I dont think it's a problem with the pattern just me. I think this may just languish in my wardrobe until I find a charity willing to take it!

So on to patterns new - got a few things planned which hopefully will not be such an epic adventure!!



  1. I see the pleats in the front worked out ! haha nice

  2. Having done them once I don't think I'll be forgetting how to do them any time soon!! :-)


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