Thursday, 27 March 2014

New Look 6144 Progress

If there is one thing that this dress has taught me is that you 100 % need to be in the right mindset when undertaking a project or it's just going to be rife with problems!

Take for example this neckline I must have sat and tried to figure out this double pleat for like an hour and a half! The instructions i felt weren't the clearest - move the solid line to the dotted line (of which there were two dotted lines...) however I feel it was more a case of a distracted mind.

I think though that its looking right now! It just needs another press and im sure when the neckline is turned under it will lie like its supposed to!
The sleeves as well were a pain somehow i managed to sew two the same and as such had two right arms - GAH!! however it was unpicked, restitched and now they are both pinned in place notches matching so hopefully I will have a dress for the weekend!

I really think that next time I'm going to try and create something when my mind is busy and distracted with work (paper was approved by my industrial sponsor and didn't even scrape the edges YEAH!!) i will try an easy project - and one that is not so prone to disaster!

Also meet Diana, my form :-). She was a birthday present - one which I'm sure ill have a lot of use out of!


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