Monday, 10 March 2014

A Mini Quilt!

Yeah! It's finished. I have bound and completed my quilt. In't it pretty??

So this weekend I managed to finish off my mini quilt - which is more like a topper kind of size (about 1m^2) and also managed to cut out all but one of my pieces for lola.the light started to fade adn as I am still without proper lighting in my flat i think ill do it over breakfast tomorrow. I feel accomplished. :-)

oooh and because i was feeling *really* proud I added this:

Not only did i manage these two projects over the weekend I also dug out my camera and my charger seems to be happier with me so it looks like the awful camera phone is now obsolete! yuss! On the plus tho crappy camera uploads take like 1/10000 of the time to upload as the epic camera!

So onto this week now - I wont have much time for sewing as I'm going to look after my mum for a few days. I have been promised wine and an evening watching the sewing bee! muchos happy! I do however have a small project lined up owl family applique project. should be a quick one and easy to carry in my bag!

I did manage to pick up some tweed this weekend at the SECC craft fair ONLY £10/m - i'll hopefully manage to get my vogue coat(vogue 8346) made up againl this time in a more season appropriate weightier fabric...I thought this weekend was meant to be sunny?!


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