Friday, 21 March 2014

Progress on New Look 6144

Good Morning! Another week at an end and I cannot wait for the large glass of wine which is waiting for me at 6:30!!

This week has been terible in terms of my sewing productivity! This here is all I have completed in two weeks. Yes two weeks.

One single sleeve of my new look 6144 pattern which came free with sew last week. Also as the picture alludes to I forgot the seam allowance was 5/8" and I initially sewed it at 1/4". All I can do is congratulate myself on that at least the first seam was inside the seam allowance. *phew* however unpicking is in progress and hopefully the other seams will be an improvement!

I thought I would have a go at colour blocking with this pattern so whereas the sleeves will be this nice pinky purple, the main dress will be a much darker shade of purple and look a little like a uniform! haha. :-D

On the plus my research took a step in the right direction. Paper 1/2 was sent to my industrial partner and hopefully I'll get a stateside jolly in September :-D.

Roll on 6pm and hopefully a more productive weekend! Have a good weekend all!


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