Friday, 7 March 2014

Completed Book bag

So it's lunch time on a Friday and with only 2 more hours until hometime I think I can safely say i made it through this week relatively unscathed!

This week I had a bit of a bits-and-bobs week! I started off the week by cutting the pattern for my Lola. I had found some really nice fabric the other week and have finally sourced a jumper who I feel can donate its cuffs... I had everything I needed to start this epic pattern

So I had all the intentions in the world of finishing this project this week - the pattern is lying in about 9 pieces on my dining table... HOWEVER I have been promised an overlocker for my birthday so I thought i would wait and use this pattern to test out my new toy!! *does happy dance* woo hoo!

So MEGA excitement aside I moved to a project which I promised for my longtime best friend - a book bag! We agreed that if she bought the fabric and gave me an idea of what she wanted, i would make it up for her! she chose the red fabric and two sets of bows for decorating the handle connections. I got to use discretion for what looked best :-D (Oh and  I went with the black bows in the end). As she lives in London we don't see each other too often I had plenty time to decide how i wanted it to look. I thought... it would seem that I work much better under strict time limits.

So here it is!

I didn't actually have any measurements to go on other than "just make sure it fits a folder" and then after agreeing on this it would turn out that I dont actually have a ing binder at home! oops. So with measurements based on a trusty nigella cookbook and a laptop i think i managed to quite sucessfully create a bag which is suitable for purpose.

I will maybe refine the measurements and make another I think but this definitely worked well. I was even left with some excess from the straps so I might make another little bag with them.

My final project of the week was my greek cross quilt. It's not quite finished -

just some binding to go on now - hopefully that will be a job for Sunday.

Have a good weekend y'all


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