My Day Job

Did I mention I was a published author?!

Well I am a published author. My work is available
here: UPEC

and here: SAE

and here: JOURNAL!!! 

My research consisted mostly of reliability and future aircraft. with some superconductivity thrown in here and there! As part of this work I reviewed a number of reliability techniques and determined the relevant reliability standards applicable to modern day aircraft and then adapted them for the more complex and unconventional TeDP aircraft propulsion network. If anyone wants to know anything on More Electric Aircraft - well - just ask :-)

So the new job is slightly however not entirely related to the PhD. I'm in the same office with the same people only now I have to adult. I'm also now paid from a different body too. The project that I am working on is a European funded project looking at energy demand in order to align usage with generation. You can find more if you're interested here.

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