Tuesday, 22 April 2014

What a Find!

First I must start off with how good it is to be back....AHEM! After spending the last 10 days in Norfolk, reacquainting myself with my shadow Glasgow really knows how to rain on that parade!

Not only did my break present me with sun sea and relaxation, it also presented me with this FANTASTIC find....

This beautiful mechanical singer machine. I'm still working on its  origins however the serial number plate is intact and the presence of this thread guide suggests that it is a later model.

the mechanism is smooth as could be, I reckon that whoever refurbished it with a new base also gave it a good oil! It runs like a dream.

Possibly as a slight oversight we didn't take the car down to collect it so the two of us hauled it up from the town.*manfully* haha I love the intricate detail :-)

*complete with charity shop sticker*

Best holiday find ever.

also coz they're cute....

we saw these at a farm park somewhere near Norwich


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  1. Congratulations, that's a very nice find. Hand crank sewing machines are a real joy to use.


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