Friday, 25 April 2014

Adventures in Overlocking

After a month sitting neglected in the corner, i thought it was about time to crack open my overlocker and give her motors some exercise...

Spot the common theme - yes i do like me a singer!!

She (yes I'm giving her a female status) came preloaded with white so as i was needing to edge finish my current project, i thought why not try overlocking them edges?!

I'm really glad I did as well as it was a lot quicker and safer than using the old overlock foot on my regular machine!! (i've lost two needles recently to a 'straight stitch on an overlock foot' mishap - DOH!!)

so heres the results (the fabric is a 60" cotton from Remnant Kings)

 Yeah I even overlocked  my pockets!

So I left the ends long at the end of each piece in the hopes that I can catch them in the side seams - will this work? I'm hoping they don't unravel! Could be very embarrassing!!

Definately hope to use more of my overlocker...I have one patern cut out and ready to be sewn up on it I just fear the threading of the loopers when changing to the required dark thread!

Happy weekend folks!


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