Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Completed: Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers, Muslin 1

This is the second of the makes which I promised myself that I would finish before I started another project. In January. Seing as that promise failed they have remained sitting on the top of the WIP pile ever since ( read: they have remained my only WIP ever since while I continually overlook them for something instantly gratifying...)

I bought the Thurlow PDF in December and the fabric even before that... I made most of these up in an evening stopping only because I had no zip for the fly. Post Christmas I lost a little weight (strangely) so cut these in a size 6. Another reason I left them because I didn't honestly believe that this was the correct size and I was a bit disappointed to have wasted fabric.

So as I required space in my living room corner for thesis writing I decided to just go for it and make them up anyways! Strangely enough they fitted quite well! I say strangely only because I had convinced myself that they wouldn't fit! There are some strange lines around the base of the fly however I'm almost 100 % sure that they are from the fly insertion bubbling a little over any actual excess fabric. There's also some strange lines on the back around my thighs. I have searched the internet and cannt think of how to accurately describe these to come up with a fitting adjustment - does anyone have any ideas?

The major problem I found when making these up was the instructions for the fly. I didn't find them very clear at all for the joining of the two halves of the fly together. In hindsight having used this tutorial for sewing the fly I understand what they were showing however it seems it is a tricky part to convey without photographs. Needless to say - upon completion of my first ever fly zipper I was ridiculously proud :-D

For this version I decided to omit the welt pockets for speed and because I didn't think I'd ever get any wear out of the trousers. Next time I make the trousers up I will make up the details however not actually put in the pockets - I always forget about things in back pockets :-(.
Awkward pose trying to show off the waistband!

Changes I will make up next time as well will be to make the waistband pieces a touch longer as well as interfaced- i'm not sure what happened however one of my waistband pieces ended up a little on the short side which wasn't ideal - I used the pattern piece to add back in about 3 inches of which I only needed about 2 but was not taking any risks!! I'm also planning on narrowing the legs a smidge to the knee then returning to the wider lower leg. I also need to remove at least 2 inches from the leg length. Other than that I think its just tinkering with the waistband with different fabric weights.

So what do you guys think? a winner? With the completion of these trousers, I have now scored off number 6 in my 2015 sewing plan. :-)

Have a good week all :-). I made so many plans for this week that i'm already looking forward to the weekend to relax!!

Happy Sewing

Jenn xx


  1. I like! I am sure that if you tinker some, you can get the fit perfect. As a first go, these are quite charming.

    1. Thanks :-) I have a few metres of fabric I'm hoping to convert before the end of May (along with all my other plans...)

  2. Looks great for your first pair! Nice weight fabric.

    1. Thanks :-) It's great when you can actually wear your muslin!

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-O8xvz8hMM


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