Tuesday, 19 May 2015

MeMadeMay week 3

Where did the weekend go?! As I prepare this post on Tuesday morning I cannot fathom where the last three days have gone! I managed to get some sewing in last sunday and finished up this first run of my Deer and Doe Ondee sweater - it's a little too big however still totally wearable. After finishing this all motivation to do anything left me so instead of fixing up the pattern pieces I sat doing a jigsaw for about 3 hours.

Day 11:

My ear is absolutely killing me today so whereas I took a picture I felt no inclination to smile... the skirt is a RTW from Oasis it's a favourite RTW piece that i'm not parting with any time soon :-D.

Day 12:
When we got in yesterday our upstairs neighbours were in full on party mode. From the sounds of it there were at least 20 of them jabbering on up there. When I got ready for work this morning and left at around 9 they were still going strong. Hopefully we can find our house soon and be rid of them! I  other news today was another day for my second NL6020 and Deer and Doe Ondee.

My ear was still sore on Tuesday however had calmed down significantly from Monday. I managed some sewing in the evening however I honestly don't know where time went as all of a sudden it was like 23:30 - I'm working on a present right now and will be able to share this by the end of June :-)

Day 13:
Nothing much to report today. I was trying to make a rose plot all day at work and was voluneered to do some invigilation on Monday. Sould give me scope to write up some thesis.

Today I wore my Thurlows and Bronte top. The office is just too cold for tights just now. The whole of instagram seemed to be enjoying sunshine yet we have a cold dark office :-(

Day 14:
I wore my new look 1467. We didn't do anything much on Thursday but our shower rail fell down :-(. Oh well we bought a new one, it only cost £13!

Day 15:
We ended up going out for dinner at the fort - nothing fancy, just a Frankie and Bennies - or Ben and Jerrie's as I always get confused!! haha. I was well prepared as I had on my New Look 6144 which I think looks quite smart for both work and dinner out.

Day 16:
Today I went to the Scotland Street School Museum in Glasgow. A great hidden treasure! It was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh - the same person who designed glasgow school of art. After I went to one of my friends for cocktails! It was a great day (mostly - you cannot account for arsehole neighbours!) but as we went for drinks I thought my Oktoberfest dress appropriate.

The Oktoberfest dress is there - under the school uniform!!

Day 17:
It was around 8:30 pm before I got a picture today - I was so damn busy!
Another outing for my grey coco dress

We had friends over for dinner - and we had wine - a magnum of wine. It felt so middle class we brought out the crystal glasses - just to finish off proceedings!

So all in all another succesfull week I think! I'm certainly seeing some patterns emerging and know what I need to make more of to enable my wardrobe to work better for me!

Hope you are all still enjoying Me Made May :-)

Jenn xx


  1. You've got a really practical wardrobe. Love your New Look top, and the Bronte and your skirt (RTW?) on the first day - is it a skyline or just patterned? We had hailstones here today AND a black sky - roll on Summer so we can get our frocks out!

    1. Thanks :-) I'm definately trying to make more of the things that I wear often and fighting the urge to sew ALL THE PARTY DRESSES!! haha. The skirt is a skyline yes - it is perhaps more clear on the back of the skirt. It sounds like you had the weather we had on monday! driving wind rain and hail - November weather not May!!

  2. I love your skirts. I need to sew some more skirts.

  3. Loving your looks. I've enjoyed MMM but glad to be in the home stretch, too!


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