Friday, 30 May 2014

Finished Lolita paterns Sugar Plum

May I present to you - Sugar Plum!

I thought i would post this up this afternoon seing as sewing indie month was drawing to a close. This was the first time I had used a PDF pattern and to be honest it wasn't as bad as i was expecting! (bar the fact my table is faaar to small to construct the pattern on!!) although i still prefer having a paper pattern as they store so nicely!

I cut a size 10 and graded out to a size 12 on the waist on reflection i didn't need to cut the 12 as there was so much of the skirt I had to cut out. I removed about 3/4 of an inch (evenly over the centre front) and then another 1 1/4" from the centre back pieces. You can kind of see in the pic below that i still need to fix that little runkle in the back still. When I do that i think i'll also fix that back seam - I get the sneaking suspicion the tension wasn't set right

Runkle in the back skirt
The main changes made when constructing sugar plum were to omit the pockets and the zip - there was no need to put it in as the dress fit fine without it and I could easily get it on and off without the zip. and in saying that I don't even need to undo the buttons..... The pockets were also omitted because I didn't want to worry about lumps and bumps due to a forgotten tissue!

The fabric I used for this was cotton lawn for the top - leftover from a previous project (which ended up as a fail :-( ) and a ponte knit for the skirt. Both of which were purchased from Minerva Crafts in two separate shopping trips.

Strange instagrammed light effects!

and another picture of me lurking in the close. There was seriously no better place to take these pictures and my on call cameraman wasn't being all that compliant...

and finally it's good to see glasgow gearing up for the games - george square was getting dressed up at lunchtime anyways and our tickets arrived last week!

Have a good weekend guys - i'm off to the David Livingstone Centre :-)


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