Friday, 9 May 2014

Burda 8186 Progress

I'm going on a stag do he said.....I need to wear a waistcoat he said.....

A waistcoat??? This sounds like a sewing challenge! muahaha. Now my boyfriend does not do waistcoats - apparently they're not manly enough so this was the perfect opportunity for me to practice something a little different and sew something for someone else - also a chance to try making men's wear.

So after about half an hour on the minerva site (directed viewing as the initial 'you find a pattern and I'll make it' resulted in a 'where do I get a pattern?!' lost look), the choice was made:

Burda 8186

Now I'm not sure how noticeable it is however that's a 4* (bloody) difficulty rating! The challenge has commenced however with literally about 3 instructions and 8 pictures all squished into the area of a double sided postcard i think im gonna be on my own on this one :-(. It seems that you don't realise how much you depend on pictures as opposed to the written instructions!

That being said...the lining was easy enough to put together

(As usual) I got my fabric from one of Glasgow's stores Mandors. They don't have an online site but I don't mind the love the chance to look around the store! So I picked up a lovely paisley print red lining fabric. It still needs pressed but the back pleat to allow movement and all the darts were quite apparent as to where they go. I'm thinking it's maybe the rest of the suit which merits the difficulty!

Hopefully get this finished up tonight..

Have a good weekend all!


UPDATE: Here is the link o view the finished waistcoat

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