Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Finished a Colette Patterns Zinnia Skirt!

Hello :-) good day, good evening if you will.

So finally here is my entry for the stitchery studio's zinnia sewalong!

Colette Zinnia Skirt Version 2

So you may have seen this fabric in one of my previous posts and I only just realised that it's been a month since I started this skirt (and finished it too) however two mini breaks and a complete dress size weight fluctuation later ...and it fits again (almost)! Yuss!

So I wanted to give my zinnia skirt a summery feel and from the get go I was looking for something that I could wear day to day. The fabric is a lightweight 100 % floral cotton from remnant kings. I chose this fabric because I love wearing light floral clothes not only in (the three days of ) summer but through most of the year; this fabric fits in well with my wardrobe plan (thankfully) and will integrate well with my existing pieces. I altered the pattern slightly and omitted the belt loops as I don't intend to ever wear a belt with this skirt. I kept the pockets though. Everybody loves a good pocket (in fact I put on a similar Primark equivalent today and was devastated that it was sans pockets!!)

The skirt seemed to be a good length and I just used the standard hem length - for once i didn't chop inches off the bottom!!

I also changed the zip length as I couldn't find a 9 inch zip in a matching colour and couldn't be bothered going to at least two different shops in my lunch break, so went for a slightly shorter 8 inch zip which worked just as well. I was particularly proud of the invisibleness of the zip too :-). Cue close-up!

 The button I used was from my stash and is just a plain coloured button. I think it's probably intended for decorative use only however i think it goes pretty well with the colour scheme!

In terms of sizing for the skirt, I graded out from an 8 at the hips to a 10 at the waist. It could maybe do with moving the closure a little bit so i fits better but i'm hoping to shift those final few pounds :-D

I added this side view coz i think it shows the length quite well. Its sitting just above my knee.

and finally the obligatory twirl shot :-)

So all in all apart from the fact this skirt is still a little bitty too small I think i'll be making another one of these and making the waist another 1/2 size bigger.

Have a fun week all!



  1. Hi Jennifer! Your skirt has such a nice summer feel... and you're totally right who doesn't love a good pocket!

    1. Thanks - I cant wait for some sun to actually wear it out and about!


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