Friday, 12 September 2014

OWOP Roundup

So only 3 days in to OWOP and my decision to use the Chataigne shorts suddenly seemed like a poor choice - us people up here in Glasgow woke up to frosty windscreens on our cars and fleece lined trousers seemed to be suddenly oh so desirable! however - I powered on and think the results came out ok.

so here we have day 1:

Chataigne shorts take 3 with a New Look ribbed tank and New Look sandals - im so gonna miss my student discount in that store!

Day 2:

again the pink shorts came out. I was hungover as all hell and only left the house once (to buy bacon). These shorts worked quite well with my tartan army t-shirt. We put up a proud display against the germans, and it was a shame that some people on the park were rather negative towards Naismith.


This day I wore the second incarnation of my shorts. Black tights and boots were the order of the day and my thick 'woolen' jacket (fake wool). The look was finished with my union jack tshirt (a questionable choice...go figure). all three of these were also 'New Look'.

Day 4:

I cannot tell you how hungover I was today! We went for our weekly darts game with friends, however upon returning we met our new neighbour and proceeded to have a little more than we anticipated! As such I didn't photograph on the day or even want to be near a camera - but this is from Wednesday morning... Tuesday I wore my black pinstripe shorts again with my pink shirt (Next special purchase). Today I also got my tickets for the Christmas Hobbycrafts fair at the SECC - excited much?!

Day 5:

Wednesday is highland dancing day! Today it was also freezing and i really think the heating timer may have to be set for the mornings now! bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! For the most part of the day I wore my lilou dress. I really do like this dress - I'm thinking of making another. I forgot to get a picture of me in this so thankfully I thought to take a picture before dancing.

Day 6:

Today was warmer again and maybe a little too warm for the woolen shorts! It hit 20 something degrees after lunch! I also felt human enough to stand in front of a lens!! Today in conjunction with chataigne shorts 1 I wore my other Next Special Purchare shirt and the same boots as monday and Tuesday.

Day 7:
So fellow OWOPers we made it!

Today I wore with my woolen chataigne shorts a blue jumper (new look) and waistbelt (primark) and yet again the same boots. I really have to admit the jumper was a strategic shout today as I was trying to aviod the media scrum in the city centre! please excuse the poor quality of this photo - the flash was on and the camera was set to indoors and low light. (although while we're here do note the metal bars on the door, theres 12 in total, the previous owner was scared someone would break in - they are leftovers from an aircraft carrier built on the clyde - no joke!!)

Did anyone else take part in OWOP? what pattern did you all choose?

Have a good weekend guys
JCS xx


  1. I think you deserve a special prize for wearing shorts all week! Brilliant! x

    1. Yeah wearing shorts in a very changeable week in september was maybe not the epic plan I had thought out earlier in the summer! Had a great time with the challenge though! xx

  2. Nice Post, and nice look for seven days!

    1. Sorry I completely missed this! thanks for your lovely comment - it was a really good challenge to take part in and made me think more of how I combine garments to create a different look :-)


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