Thursday, 11 September 2014

Completed: Emery Dress No. 2!


I have just (read finished this last week but have been uber busy since) completed my second ' Singin in the Rain' Emery Dress! I have to say i think know this is my favourite me made item.I know I shared this one with you the other week however i'm far happier with how this version turned out and think the pictures turned out a little better too with tons more natural light! (however nextdoors mingin backgarden on the downside...)

I made a few alterations to the pattern from my last emery and I'm happy with how this one turned out.
The Changes:
- 3/4 inch narrow shoulder adjustment
- increased the width of the top back darts by 3/4 cm each side
- took a wedge out of the top at the back
- removed an inch from the length of the skirt
(- added 3/4 inch to the bodice, this change was made last time too)

Again I cut the size 8 and added the same 3/4" to the lengthen lines of the pattern. The first three changes were addressing the back gape from my last attempt at this dress and I think the gaping back is now almost eliminated. I say almost i think there is still about 3/4 of an inch left to remove before it lies ''just so". But hey ho I'm not bothered. Also I can't quite decide whether or not the front is now a little roomy as a result of moving the shoulders... i think the last time it lay a little flatter.... I have though made up some new pattern pieces with these changes on and im hoping that any additional tinkerings can be incorporated.
Skirt 'mushrooms' out really well :-)
 The fabric for this dress is actually a quilting cotton which i picked up in the remnant kings sale for £6.99/m. I picked up 3m of this (i think it was 45 inch wide) and after cutting out all the pieces including the lining I think I had about 30 cm left. (apologies for switching up the units). Compared to making up the last emery this time using a proper cotton made this a breeze! I only had one minor problem making this up and that was the zip slipped when i was stitching it in and so it doesn't quite match at the back. Again - its a small detail and i don't think that this detracts from the overall dress.

Close up of fabric

This time because i was working with slightly better quality fabric the waistline also slipstitched really neatly
The inside looks really neat (for once)
Clearly caught off guard here!

I actually wore this quite a bit that week - i finished it quickly coz we had friends coming and I wanted to wear the dress out in the park - we went to a favourite place of ours chatelherault which is a country park on the outskirts of Glasgow where the old hunting lodge built for the Dukes of Hamilton way back when has been restored! We love the squinty floor and the long walks in the woods.
Standing next to the restored fireplace in the old hunting lodge

Does anyone else wear dresses out for muddy park walks?

Our friends daughter wanted to climb Cadzow's Oaks which are 800 years old!
Have a good week folks



  1. Hi Jennifer! Your Emery is so cute! and it fits you so well. More I see of this pattern more I love it! I'm seriously considering making it my Christmas dress this year - I know it's a bit early to talk about Christmas but I'm one that needs to plan far in advance... besides your photo in front of the fireplace just gave me the idea ;)

    1. ooh I think it would be awesome for a christmas dress - I was lurking christmas fabrics today at lunch actually - I saw some awesome red cord - but now iI need a pattern!


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