Friday, 20 June 2014

A broken little curvy

So my machine is broken :-(  there's no two ways about it - I'm gutted! It would transpire that the timing has gone - the bobbin is not turning and the needle is not picking up the bobbin thread. After over an hour of changing needles, rethreading and trying new bobbins I had to resign myself to the fact that it is in need of repair.

I do have a few projects to share from pre breakage I'll hopefully get these up soonish! I finally finished that burda waistcoat and am pretty.damn.impressed. I just need my willing accomplice to model it...

Also does anyone have any experience with singer customer services? My machine was only purchased in October and was a Christmas gift - will I have to pay for a repair? How long can I expect it to be down for?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend folks :-)



  1. Sorry to hear about your sewing machine … it’s awful when it happens, unfortunatedly it does happen … hope you’ll manage to fix it soon!

  2. Well I got a phone call from singer earlier - apparently they can fix it but i need to find a box - and by the sounds of it a large amount of bubble wrap. The only plus is that it broke at the end of my week off!


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