Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Onesie Be gone :-)

Well last night I never quite got round to finishing of my jammy bottoms - coz lets face it it was too darn cold to go out to the shops to buy ribbon :-(

I did however spend an eternity overlocking the edges for the waistband. I would Deffo recommend an overlocking foot - it makes for a far easier job.

and I managed to complete that patch pocket, YAY! i was super amazed by my pocket.

the bottom left edge looks a bit wonky however i managed a slight hemmingweb related disaster  so all in i think it looks not too bad! So also the colour is apparently off in my pictures. I am a firm believer in LED lights. shame about their illuminating qualities eh?
I also readied the waistband and at lunchtime today went and obtained some awesome black and white ribbon.

Tonight I shall fight the cold!


I didn't think that this deserved another post so here they are in all their pink fleecy glory!!

What beauts! 

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