Monday, 17 August 2015

A Small Break from Sewing

This last few weeks has been utter chaos! We finished up July with a trip away to Aviemore for the Gentleman of the road festival and enjoyed 72 hours of pissing rain! The Friday when we arrived the weather was so bad we queued for drinks tokens then went back to our cozy cottage and an amazing party in the dry. In all we spent less than two hours at the festival that night. In a rare break from the thunderous downpours we managed to get a couple of pictures - I even wore one of  my favourite  makes which seems to have stood the test of time :-)

The Saturday was only a litle better however had stopped raining by about 6pm so we managed to head down to see Primal Scream drunkenly forget their words and Mumford and sons headline. I was seriously not impressed by the state of the mud. :-( . It was a great weekend though and would definitely consider a festival again as long as there was a non-camping option!! As illustrated below the mud was ridiculous:-/

Not only have we been away to excessively muddy festivals, but we moved house! A move that has been bubbling away since the start of June.

It means that I now have a dedicated sewing space that I hope to fix up and tidy up so I can get back to sewing! There are a number of things wrong with the room as it stands - not least the AWFUL lamp shade! The furniture will go as soon as I have a buyer on gumtree then I hope to obtain some more suitable furniture and have a space to be proud of :-)

So that's whats been happening in my world of late :-). We should have the internet up and running this evening so I can return to my long neglected blogroll! Hope everyone had a great summer - doesn't seem like 7 weeks ago that the schools near us broke up O.o I'm certainly looking forward to getting back to sewing and will hopefully have a project finished for this months monthly stitch challenge :-D

Take care
Jenn :-)


  1. Looks as if that room will be lovely and light for your sewing - hope you have something exciting lined up to sew.

    1. Yeah it should be - the window is south facing so should get *all the light* :-D. Not got too many exciting sewing plans - mostly just things for starting work at the end of september!!

  2. Yay for music festivals -- did you see anybody good??

    Yay for moving and a sewing room -- how exciting and overwhelming! Good luck.

    1. ehm we only actually saw the two bands - primal scream (my fave song ) and mumford and sons. It was a complete wash out!

      The house move was so stressful! I could not believe we had so much stuff in our wee flat! plus moving everything down a flight of stone steps as not fun! On the plus we never have to move again...


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