Friday, 28 November 2014

Muslining of Dahlia

Hi Guys

Just a quick wee post from me this evening - I have been super busy with work recently and the light has been so bad that photo ops have been getting few and far between!

As I mentioned at the bottom of a previous post, as soon as the Colette patterns dahlia came on sale I purchased the portable document format version ahem pdf. As yet I haven’t got around to making up the full finished dress however I have had time to make up a first muslin and make some changes based upon said muslin.

I initially cut the size 10 for the bodice and then 12 for the waist and skirt. It became quickly apparent after even just sewing the skirt pieces together that the 12 was going to be too damn big. This was further confirmed when I added the yoke.

After attaching the bodice pieces this confirmed my suspicions that I would have to make a narrow shoulder adjustment and that I would also have to remove a wedge from centre front and centre back.
The fabric that I used wasn’t by any means a good choice for this project however it was really cheap (£3/m) and allowed me to confirm my fitting hunch. I had that much confidence in the first run that no two seams are even facing the same direction… haha.
Some beautiful contrast stay stitching...

So based on what I have and the quality of the muslin that I was able to make I made the following adjustments
* 1cm narrow shoulder adjustment on each side
*1 inch wedge removed from centre front and back
These were both carried out using the instructions on the sewalong page here
So hopefully I can create a second (wearable) muslin based these adjustments using more suitable fabric. Ill share the results of the next iteration when I get them :-)

Take care guys and have a good weekend
JCS xx


  1. Dahlia is a great pattern and will look great on you … (I would love to make one for myself )…
    It seems to me yours is comming up nicely … can’t wait to see the next one!

    1. yeh i may have moaned a bit about it not fitting but overall it is a great pattern - hopefully I will have it finished in time for my christmas commitments! cant wait to see yours made up :-D x

  2. Das wird ein wunderschönes Kleid für die weihnachtliches Festtage ! So ein Kleid möchte ich auch gerne mal nähen ! Liebe Grüße Käthe

    1. ah yes! I'm certainly hoping to get it sewn up in time for my christmas night out - once the fitting adjustments are made it is really easy to make up! x


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