Monday, 3 November 2014

Completed: A Tilly and the Buttons Coco

One of the problems I have been having lately is the lack of light to photograph projects. It's dark i.e. pitch black by 5:15 and I usually return home around 5:30. Not useful. I did have a spare few minutes to capture some photos at the weekend though. So meet Coco.

I know exactly what everyone means now when they say that this dress makes you feel like you're wearing jammies!

I made up the dress version in the size 5 with cuffed sleeves - and promptly took it in to a size 4 - definitely glad i made it up big though, its far easier to take things in than let them out again!

I think I had a bit of a fabric fail on this dress - the fabric I used was this ponte roma which I bought from Fabric Godmother - this was not my prize fabric - or pattern, I promise i'll share those soon. I say it was a fabric fail - but this dress has had more compliments than any other that I've made and worn out. I think the fabric is a little too drapey and maybe not the right colour for my skin tone...? These are the main reasons for wearing it with teh belt - I think the belt helps break things up a bit?

What fabric has anyone else made this up in? I'm thinking of making up another variation in

In other news I handed in the first chapter of my thesis for review on Thursday. Deadlines are becoming a little scary!

Have a lovely week guys

JCS xx


  1. I love the light color on you, at least from the pictures. You might be right and the fabric maybe it’s too drapey for the coco but I can see why you’re getting all those compliments - you look lovely!

    1. Thanks :-) I'm wondering if maybe a heavier scuba like fabric may work better?

    2. I personally never worked yet with scuba fabric … but somehow I always imagined it for outerwear - on the other hand I’m all for “out there” experimentation ;)

    3. sorry … I intended neoprene … but in light scuba knit would be interesting to see

    4. I decided for now to have another go with a slightly heavier ponte...i'm hopeful this will fix the problem!!


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