Monday, 20 October 2014

Hippity Hop another Blog Hop!

 So I have been nominated by +Amanda Wyatt for this next stop on the blog hop. Thanks for nominating me - here is my Hop.

Why do I write?
 There are a number of reasons that I write. firstly and most importantly for me I write because this is a topic of which i am passionate about. I love sewing and whereas I may not be the most technically gifted of seamstresses I certainly think that with every completed project I see an improvement upon the last. Another reason I write is because it sometimes helps to write things down and perform a brain dump before moving on to the next project - I mean like a debrief and assesment of my own learning outcomes (SORRY I'M A NINJANEER...) finally I write to share the things I have learned and the projects which I have completed in case that I may help or my experiences may be of use to others.
 What am I working on at the moment?

I'm working on a number of things right now - but the one which I feel is most appropriate for this spot is my first attempt at paper piecing - or more aptly cardboard piecing.

Pieced Hexes learn Bayes theorum...
Reduce Reuse Recycle...
 This project uses 1 inch regular hexes cut (mostly) from an old box for my insulin pen ends... the templates are covered in 25th and pine moda mini charms and im hoping to make this into a little wall hanging in time for Christmas :-)

 How does my blog differ form other sewing blogs?
 erm - i'm not sure really - I suppose the things which I often write about other than sewing are my adventures around the country - while not unique I suppose I offer a differing view from anyone else (see what I did there). Also I suppose that the blog is a bit different as I'm still trying to find my voice a bit and so posts differ a bit from time to time

How does my writing process work
  This is probably the least engineery of all my answers here - my writing process goes as follows
1. writedownallthefacts
2. add context and opinions
3. pictures - wait for a spell of daylight
4. assess? does this make sense? is there a logical order here?
5. Publish

ok maybe a little engineery in reflection but meh. Maybe that's another difference between my blog and others...?

So thanks for reading... I would like to nominate +Joe Zuchowicz for the next hop - he's in the midst of making a beautiful quilt for his daughter's christmas.

Take care guys - I hope to have the post originally planned for today up within the week :-)


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