Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Sewing Situation

I'm beginning to think that it never really clicked that my poor wee machine was away being fixed... certainly not if you go go by the pile of WIP's and the shrouding of (Dirty) Diana....

Yet more WIPS!
Its interesting how things were left in various states of progress... theres still another stuffed into a plastic bag to help ease the pile (it's a knit so I figured that it didn't matter so much)

WIP Pile of Doom!
So this is the mystical starry black cloak that broke my machine. It's only 4 layers so I didn't think that it would be a problem? Maybe when I resume i'll use a leather needle coz it's so thick? Does anyone have any suggestions for this? Its just a regular weight dress cotton. :-(. On the plus side my machine has been returned, the downside is that they returned it to the wrong address and it is currently the other side of the country at my parents. Hopefully I will get it back on Saturday.

Yeh I count eight, thats right EIGHT WIP's. (although the pattern on the table doesn't reeeeeally count coz im only at muslin making stage. Is anyone else's WIP pile as unruly as this???

Applique Owls taking shape :-)
Improvising with pattern weights
I'm off to London for the day tomorrow me and the other half are away to see Black Sabbath at Hyde park. I'm hoping to take in Gold hawk road while we're down there too - does anyone have any reccomendations for where to start? Does anyone else have plans for this weekend?

Have a good one!


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  1. Hi Jennifer! … the pattern on the table totally doesn’t count ;) … Have a good time at the concert !!!


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